Diamond Education

Diamond classes

We have curated different classes of diamonds according to their beautiful mix of carat size, colour, clarity and cut. Of course they are all GIA certified and are priced well below RRP.

All our diamonds chosen are eye clean and have excellent sparkle and lustre. Just so you know that diamonds at Love Diamonds are extra sparkly!

Learn more about our different categories of round diamonds and find the one that suits you!

Explore Diamond classes

Super Luxury Diamonds

The class of diamonds we have given to those diamonds that are in the top class and you will know it with a GIA certificate.

Colour: D/E

This colour range is the highest possible colour range for a diamond. It is often described as icy white and clear.

Clarity: VS1

This diamond clarity is eye clean to the naked eye. This clarity is beautiful as it lets light easily pass through it giving diamonds that famous sparkle that it is known for.

Cut: Excellent

One of the most important characteristic of a diamond is it’s cut as the cut of the diamond enhances its sparkle as it directs how the light is refracted within it giving it that sparkle glow. This is the top range in cuts.

Luxury Diamonds

Luxury Diamonds is for diamonds that are still in the top of the range just not with the extra price tag. To the naked eye they look pretty similar to the Super Luxury class.

Premium Range is the class of diamonds that have fantastic characteristics and looks almost the same as the top range diamonds just at a friendlier price point.

The Great Value Range is exactly that, great value for the diamond characteristics it possesses.

Super Value Range is for those on a tighter budget who want to stretch their dollar further. These diamonds still look beautiful set in yellow gold or rose gold settings and can still face up white.

Extreme Value Range is the class of diamonds that are extremely great value for a diamond and once set in yellow gold or rose gold still makes a very beautiful diamond.

Diamond shapes

Round diamonds

For all that sparkles it is Round Diamonds

The most popular shape of diamonds is round diamonds! This is because the Round Diamond is known to be the most sparkliest shape of all the diamonds. The round brilliant diamond has 64 facets to shine light through it making it sparkle when it catches light.