Profits go to Autism Awareness

Our profits will go towards raising awareness of Autism

With a close family member affected by autism, the founder of Love Diamonds would like some of the profits from Love Diamonds to go to a cause that is close to her heart. This makes creating diamond jewellery all the more special. To know that the proceeds will go towards a good cause.

As a strong believer to do some good in the world, while working towards a bigger cause, it makes what we are working towards all the more worthy.  

As we live once and as we leave this world, we want to know that we did something good and contributed to the world in some way. That we left the planet better than before.

Lise, Founder of Love Diamonds

For this reason we are contributing our proceeds from profits towards autism awareness.

Having grown up with a sibling with autism, back then there was not a lot of support, understanding, or awareness of such a disability.

To have the support network, understanding and awareness of what can be done to support a disability would have meant the world.

As such, we would like to contribute back to a charity so other families can have the network, understanding, and learning opportunities so they can be supported too.

Autism Awareness

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Autism Speaks

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