GIA Certified Great Value Pear J/K Si2 0.9 Carat

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Pear diamonds are fancy and elegant at the same time. The fancy point on the end gives the pear diamond a different perspective on a diamond and looks great in vintage inspired settings. Pear diamonds face up larger for its carat weight – making more value for money as you can see more of it! Pear halos are just divine and look regal matching it’s fancy diamond shape.

The great value diamond range is diamonds with fantastic value as they appear almost like the premium range, just with a tiny tad of warmth. These Great value diamonds can be set in both white and yellow gold and they can still face up white. This is because in direct sunlight and room light these diamonds still give off excellent sparkle.
Once a great value diamond is set into Yellow Gold or Rose Gold settings, the diamond faces up white and looks almost the same as luxury class diamonds.
This is because Yellow Gold and Rose Gold settings have a warm yellow glow to it which will be reflected in the diamond as it is set into the yellow/rose gold setting. Even the highest colour grade diamond, like the D colour diamond, if it is set into yellow gold or rose gold setting, could appear a tad warmth of yellow due to the warm glow of the ring setting. This makes the great value J/K diamond perfect to be set into Yellow/ Rose gold.
If you do happen to place a great value diamond right next to a premium diamond, only after careful analysis of side-by-side comparison could you notice this warmth. In reality no one does this, especially if you are out and about at the shops! This makes this class of diamonds great value for the price!
These diamonds are all eye clean and sparkle with great fire too!


Great value

Diamond Carats: 0.9

Diamond Shape: Pear Diamonds

Diamond Colour: J/K

Diamond Clarity: si2+

Certificate: GIA Certificate

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