GIA Certified Hidden Value Round Diamond 2.25 Carats O si2+

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For the infamous diamond that gives off the most brilliance then it is the round diamond that you are looking for!

These diamonds you may not necessarily find at the jewellers, so we are bringing them exclusively to you. The extreme value diamonds have a warm yellow glow to them that is not too obvious when set in a yellow gold or rose gold setting. In fact, some like and actually prefer this warmer tone over the icy white look. These diamonds can represent extreme value, especially in the bigger carat sizes.
In direct sunlight, natural light, or room light extreme value diamonds gives off excellent sparkle.
If you do happen to place a extreme value diamond right next to a premium diamond, after a side-by-side comparison, you may notice the warm glow of hidden value diamonds. In reality no one does this, especially if you are out and about at the shops! You can always twinkle your fingers if you have diamond admirers to give off that extra sparkle! In fact, some choose this colour class as they enjoy the warmer glow of this diamond compared to the icy luxury diamond look.
This extreme value diamond makes this class of diamonds extra super value for its price! If you are considering getting a bigger diamond, then this colour grade could be an option to save on the pricing.

Diamond Shape: Round Diamond

Diamond Colour:O

Diamond Clarity: si2+

Diamond Cut:Very Good +/ Good

Certificate: GIA Certified

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